New Audience Engagement Tool

Create an impact with Event Backdrops.

Encore Event Technologies’ new range of Event Backdrops reinforce the Event Impact range and are an ideal option to convey event messaging and corporate branding in a visually striking, yet affordable way.

Make an impact with a colourful and engaging stage backdrop, have everyone snapping photos on your branded media wall or simply set the backdrop beside the registration desks to remind all attendees of the brands supporting the event.

Use Event Poll to find out what your audience is really thinking.

Get inside the minds of your attendees with Event Poll, the technology that lets you ask questions and receive feedback in real time – it’s easy to use and highly effective. Ask attendee’s their opinion, get live feedback on hot topics and see everyone connecting with the content. Say goodbye to traditional event data and hello to the new frontier of data mining – event insights in real time.

Boost your event with Event Tweet.

When you’re planning an event, one thing you want is talk ability. You want everyone at the event to share their experience, creating a worldwide conversation for all to be a part of – and for it to trend on social media of course. That’s not much to ask for, right? Event Tweet allows you to capture your audience’s Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts and instantly displays them on screen for all to see.

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