Visit Adelaide’s West End this Summer

Experience Adelaide’s West End this Summer

According to Lonely Planet our “West End is one of the most underrated neighborhoods in Australia.” and have named it as one of the top three neighborhoods in Australia to visit right now. This summer tick off experiencing the West End with many possibilities of what can be explored!

The possibilities are endless on what to experience in the West End. Below are our pick of the best:


Within the last 5 years, Adelaide’s Laneways located only a short 2 minute stroll from the hotels front doors have emerged with a plethora of bars and restaurants making the Laneways come alive!

The West End lanways is where it all started with Peel and Leigh Streets leading the way. Visit Casablabla where you will be taken to another world where you can experience the wonders of Morocco, through to Cambodia. Another must eat is Peel Street Restaurant where you will enjoy fresh, simple and delicious food, and if you can’t decide you can never go wrong with their tasting menu!


Experience the art of glass blowing at Adelaide’s JamFactory.

You can either choose an intensive one-on-one session where you will be taught by a professional and design and make your own glass piece. Alternatively, if you have a group of maximum 16 people you can enjoy a team glass blowing experience where each person will get the chance to dip their glass into the furnace and make their own paperweight or drinking glass!


The South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) is South Australia’s first independent health and medical research institute, housed in a building that has earned a gold rating for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design as it is a a flexible, adaptable, healthy and sustainable facility. It responds to its surrounding environmental conditions to ensure a comfortable internal working environment and to minimize the use of energy.

To gain an insight into what SAHMRI does you are able to undertake a public tour every Friday.


The Adelaide Central Market is one of the largest fresh produce markets within Australia and a must visit when coming to Adelaide. It’s vibrant atmosphere and wide variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, breads and cafes has made it one of Adelaide’s best known landmarks.

Discover the range of #SummerPossibilities when here in Adelaide and make the most of your experience enjoy luxury accommodation, within walking distance to all these experiences!


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