South Australian Historical Attractions

Adelaide is located on the traditional lands of the Kaurna people who originally inhabited the Adelaide Plains from Port Broughton to Cape Jervis. South Australia has many historical attractions. Acclaimed for its unique architectural history and the preservation thereof, Adelaide’s built heritage is a treasure hiding in plain sight.

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Ayers House

Home of Sir Henry Ayers from 1855 to 1897, this magnificent property has been restored to its former opulence and is opened to the public by the National Trust of South Australia.

Migration Museum

A visit to the Migration Museum will allow you to discover the evolving story of migration to South Australia – from colonial times to the present day.

Adelaide The City of Churches

Adelaide is renowned as the ‘City of Churches’, and is home to breathtaking cathedrals and churches which have been well preserved and date back to the mid 19th century. The St Peters and St Francis Xavier Cathedrals are the highlights.


This picturesque town was settled by Lutherans in 1839 seeking religious freedom from Europe The Colonial charm has been preserved and the galleries, pubs and bakeries are very welcoming. Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement. Take a guided tour of The Cedars – former home and studio of artist Sir Hans Heysen.

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