Our Little, Useful Travel Bible

When you’re travelling, there’s so much to remember to take and do. You often end up coming home with ideas in your mind of what to do next time, but before you know it you’ve forgotten what they are! To save you the trouble, we’ve compiled our favourite travel tips in one space so it can be your go-to before you set out on your next adventure.

Here’s our jam-packed compact guide on how you should travel.

Lighten the Load

Put plenty of planning time into your packing. The lighter you pack, the more relaxed you’ll feel on your trip! Pack what you need and leave the rest at home. You’ll be able to collect more items on your trip and you won’t be worried about luggage limits if you’re flying.


Look Up

It seems obvious, but in this day and age it can be hard to remember to take the time to look up. Use your phone only to take a small selection of photos and leave the social media sharing for when you get home from your trip. You’ll be able to be in the moment far more and will be seeing new sights through your own eyes rather than through a camera lens.


Learn the Language

If you’re going overseas, why not take the time to learn a few key phrases in the country’s language? Listen to language tutorials on your way to and from work in the months leading up to your vacation. The locals will appreciate you taking time to learn their language, and you will find you can immerse yourself in the culture more effectively if you can communicate with the country’s people.


Don’t Forgo Comfort

Travelling can be exhausting, and while many like to rough it out in hostels and backpacker lodges, we believe you should rest your weary soul in top quality accommodation. Being rested means you are better able to tackle the day ahead and really enjoy your experience, rather than starting the day off tired and not in the mood to go exploring.


Pack Playing Cards

They’re compact, light, great for all ages and easy to play with solo, or in a group. Playing cards can come in handy more than you think! Perfect for those rainy days or long trips, playing cards are useful.


Get Travel Insurance

Never skimp on travel insurance. It’s simply not worth the risk. Always ask for travel insurance to be included with your quote.


Don’t Over Think It

Sometimes you might find yourself clutching your guidebook, trying to ensure you see and do everything you’d planned. This usually leads to rushing, stressing or being filled with regret at not planning your time better. The truth is, it’s often impossible to completely plan out your stay as weather, health or simply a change in your plan might have you missing certain things you’d planned to see. Focus on having a good time, and instead of thinking about what you missed, think about everything that you’ve been able to see and experience.


Take a Rest With Us

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