InterContinental Adelaide History

InterContinental Adelaide is the focal point of some of South Australia’s most exciting redevelopment projects of the 1980’s.

The project, the Adelaide Station and Environs Redevelopment (ASER), was first introduced for discussion in the 1970’s, but it was not until the mid-1980’s that it provided a new tourism focus for the Festival State, ‘South Australia’.

The completed project consisted of the Adelaide Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Adelaide Casino and the hotel.

Situated near the Adelaide Festival Centre, the hotel is nestled between the existing Railway Station (housing the Adelaide Casino), the Adelaide Convention Centre and Exhibition Hall, Riverside office block and car parking facilities.

The hotel opened on 29 June 1988 by Mr Ian Weiss (Chairman of ASER), with its first guest being the then Federal Minister for Tourism, Senator Graham Richardson. Other VIP attendees included Ms Barbara Weise, State Minister of Tourism and the Lord Mayor of Adelaide, the Honourable Steve Condous.

An official opening ceremony was held on 17 September 1988 by the Premier of South Australia, Mr John Bannon.

In September 2009, the hotel changed management companies and currently operates as InterContinental Adelaide, part of the worldwide InterContinental Hotels Group.

The design of the hotel encompasses state-of-the-art technology and was created around the natural environment of the parklands overlooking the River Torrens. Care was taken to design the complex in a park setting allowing for a maximum amount of open space.

The front of the hotel has an entry plaza with driveway access from the prestigious North Terrace.  The rear of the hotel offers a riverside plaza overlooking the river.

Designed around three separate atriums, the hotel’s 130-metre tower houses 20 guestroom floors comprising 367 rooms. This is made up of 16 Executive suites, 63 Club InterContinental rooms and five luxury suites located on the 24th level of the building, which includes the prestigious Presidential Suite.

The hotel was designed to have a friendly, warm appearance and complemented Australian artists of the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Painting, sculptures and murals are only part of this extensive collection and a number are still even on display in guest rooms and public areas – including the outside perimeter of the property.  Frequently referred to as “an Art Gallery within a Hotel” the collection is an endless source of pleasure to guests and visitors to the hotel.

In terms of the hotel’s presence in Adelaide, it is an iconic building easily identifiable in many photographs and television images of the City of Adelaide. A thoroughly majestic building, over the years the hotel has played host to business luncheons, gala dinners, weddings, festivals and events, pre and post-theatre dining, VIP star and dignitary accommodation and even the commencement of the Classic Adelaide Targa Rally in 2011.

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