Discover the amazing street art in Adelaide

Adelaide truly is a vibrant city.

Where ever you venture to in Adelaide, you are likely to set your eyes upon one of the many magnificent murals and walls solely dedicated to street art in Adelaide.

Below is a guide to where you may find certain artists work within the city and surrounds.

Street art has become so famous within South Australia that there was a whole weekend dedicated to it with the Wonderwalls Port Adelaide taking place in April just gone and showcasing national & international artists.

Vans The Omega (@vanstheomega)
Locations: YHA on Waymouth Street, Gresham Street, Lady Burra on Topham Mall, Pitt Street & Twin Street

The amazing director behind Wonderwalls Port Adelaide. Omega has also been commissioned to complete numerous works across Australia and even internationally.

Peter Drew (@peterdrewarts)
Locations: All around the city centre

Peter Drew’s most famous campaign has been “Real Australians Say Welcome”. He has also been exhibited at the Art Gallery of South Australia and the National Gallery of Australia, though his most prominent work can be found around the Adelaide city streets.

Joshua Smith (@joshua_smith_street_artist) 
Locations: Little Rundle St, Kent Town (Collaboration with Sair Bean)

Lisa King (@artoflisaking)
Locations: Jive Bar, Hindley St & Minima Hotel, Melbourne Street (just to name a few)

Other areas to venture to, where you can experience some amazing street art include the Morphett Street Bridge and Little Rundle Street.

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