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Founded in 2015 EcoCaddy provides convenient, affordable and intelligent transport within the Adelaide CBD.

EcoCaddy provides a range of experiences, enabling you to get to know Adelaide it’s Markets, green spaces, laneways and museums. You can experience this all whilst gliding smoothly in one of their electric-assisted pedicabs operated by their friendly local hosts.

Many experience tours available for residents and visitors alike. Our top picks are below:

Adelaide City Sights Tour

This tour gives you a look at a large proportion of the CBD allowing one to quickly understand it’s makeup and orientate themselves to its key attractions. Perfect for newcomers or return visitors that need an update on all the city’s happenings.

Kids Cruise

Perfect for the school holidays! The perfect way to entertain the kids on weekends or school holidays. An EcoCaddy ride that visits the best parks and playgrounds the City has to offer while you cruise with one of our friendly and knowledgeable hosts.

Go Green

An unforgettable escape from the city into the natural wonders that surround it. Our hosts will guide you through Adelaide’s majestic parklands and green spaces and leave you amazed at what you’ll discover there.

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