InterContinental Adelaide Immortalised

Your chance to rule Adelaide like never before has finally arrived. Today sees the exciting release of the first commercial edition of the Adelaide MONOPOLY board game, which celebrates and showcases many of Adelaide’s iconic locations and venues in what is a truly unique edition.

InterContinental Adelaide is proud to sit among these venues and features as one of the green properties on the board positioned alongside some of South Australian’s true icons, from the Art Gallery of South Australia, to the newly created world-class SAHMRI building, redeveloped Adelaide Oval and the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. These are just some of the many sites immortalised and now you have the chance to own them all!

Developed by Winning Moves, the game will be available throughout South Australia at a range of leading retailers including; Big W, Toys R Us, ABC stores, Australian Geographic, Toyworld. In addition the hotel will also have a number of editions available for hotel or dining guests to enjoy with friends or family and attempt to master the Adelaide version of this iconic game. A delegate based activity is also set to be introduced challenging teams to undertake a number of activities around the city based on locations found on the board in what is an ideal team building exercise and breakout activity.

First produced by Parker Brothers in the mid 1930s, the game quickly expanded throughout Britain and America and is now one of the most recognisable board games in the world. Specialised ‘local’ editions of the board began to appear in the 1990s and the Adelaide version is one of more than 100 of such around the world. Known for its length of time required to achieve domination, the longest monopoly game in recorded history lasted for 70 straight days.

For more information on the game speak to the hotel directly or visit the Winning Moves website. For your chance to win a copy stay tuned to our Facebook page.