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Established in 1836, Adelaide is the only capital city in Australia to have been founded by colonised free settlers. The city has been purposely designed in a unique grid layout, giving way to wide boulevards and large public squares, and is entirely surrounded by well maintained park lands.

Known colloquially as the ‘Festival State’, Adelaide is home to Australia’s largest collection of cultural festivals, including the Adelaide Festival and the Adelaide Fringe. Adelaide is also a haven for sporting enthusiasts, with both the Australian Targa Championship and AFL both drawing large yearly crowds.

Culinary charm and sophistication is also a trademark of this beautiful city. Adelaide is home to the largest fresh produce markets in the southern hemisphere, the Adelaide Central Markets, as well as some of Australia’s finest bars and restaurants.

Adelaide is renowned for its pleasant Mediterranean climate, characterised by warm, dry summers and cool winters with light rainfall. Known as the driest capital city in Australia, rainfall in Adelaide is unreliable, light and infrequent throughout summer.

In the summer months from December to February, the maximum average temperature is a pleasant 29°C (84°F). In winter from June to August, the maximum average temperature is 15–16°C (59–61°F) and minimum is usually around 8°C (46°F).

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